What’s not to love about food right!? It’s the most important thing we can put in our body to fuel it, nourish it and heal it but with our busy hectic lives we all neglect the REAL food we should be eating. When you deprive your body of the food and nutrients we need, we then become nutrient deficient and then diseases set-in, things such as high-blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, urticaria (hives), lupus, thyroid issues, cancer, etc. etc. – go check out my Links sections of the blog.

You’re probably thinking where do I start? – Well what helped me get started with nutrition were a couple of documentaries I found on Netflix, if you have Netflix I highly recommend checking them out! (Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Food Matters, Forks over Knives, Hungry for Change, GMO OMG, Sugar Coated, and Food, Inc). If you don’t have Netflix no big deal, you can still head over and check out my Links, I have websites and YouTube channels listed with loads of information! There is so much more out in the internet world than what I have listed so don’t limit yourself to just what I have shown, do your research. Knowledge is power when it comes to cancer and the more you know the better off you are!

Processed food has run our lives for many moons now and it’s just getting worse… Not to mention it’s loaded with GMO’s and it’s severely nutrient deficient due to being so over processed and chemical laden! I’m guilty, I’m one of those people who ate lots of processed food, meats and dairy… heck who isn’t one of those types anymore!? It’s quick, cheap and easy! Everyone LOVES easy! Sure I made some healthier choices than most but that wasn’t enough. What about Vegetables… what are those?! lol I only liked a select few of them and I would rarely include them in my daily life. I even developed a gluten intolerance over the last 5-6 years or so and then developed an intolerance to alot of dairy products as well. I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the dairy that didn’t bother my tummy, such as cheese and butter. I always said I could never give up meat or my cheese, it’s just too delicious right?! I’m sure most of you will agree with me! I know you’re thinking I’m nuts to say to eliminate those but I’m curious… Could you give up the meat, the dairy, and the processed foods? What if your life depended on it? What if you had cancer and saw dozens and dozens of interviews of people who healed their cancer with nutrition and other natural methods alone without conventional therapies like chemotherapy or radiation? Would you still take chemotherapy KNOWING that it is toxic and ruins your immune system, the very immune system you need to heal?! Well that is my dilemma. I thought long and hard on which route I should take. Once I researched things and learned what I know now… my decision was easy… I said NO to chemotherapy! I’ll say it again since SO many people are going to be shocked by this but I said NO to chemo!

Did you know it is ILLEGAL for any MD to prescribe anything other than surgery, chemotherapy or radiation for cancer? Crazy right?! He/She can lose their license and much worse if he/she prescribes nutrition or anything natural for cancer that isn’t and can’t be patented. Why is that you ask? Because there is no money in a cure, there is no money in Mother Nature since it can’t be patented. Did you also know that oncologists make a profit on chemotherapy drugs because they purchase them directly from pharmaceutical companies and mark them up in price for your insurance company or worse for those that don’t have insurance? It’s the only drug that doctors actually make a profit on, some as much as 60% profits. That doesn’t make sense to me. They make us sick and keep us sick for profit, as far-fetched as that sounds, it’s all too true. There is proof out there that food heals, nutrition heals, but doctors will still claim there is no proof or no studies done. It makes me angry that we are being LIED to about our options. They say so many cancers are terminal yet there are so many testimonials of survivors who were told they were going to die by Medical Doctors but sought help from Alternative Medicine and they survived. I’m not saying ALL MD’s are bad or wrong either at their job. I give SO much respect of those that put us back together when we are broke but they are absolutely horrible at fighting disease. They do not cure or heal you, they only mask the symptoms with drugs, drugs that are toxic to our bodies. I don’t have funds for a naturopathic doctor (Insurance companies do not accept these type of doctors and vice versa many naturopathic doctors do not accept insurance) so I have been researching the internet on how to heal myself. I can’t recommend anything specific for anyone but I can tell you what I’ve found so far and what I’m currently doing to heal myself and my cancer.

So what do you eat to heal? – It’s super simple actually! It seems overwhelming at first but once you get into the swing of things you’ll laugh at how easy this lifestyle is! I eat raw organic fresh vegetables, organic fresh fruits, organic nuts/seeds and I added potatoes into the second month. Why organic? – Because there are no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and it’s non-GMO. This exact thing I’m doing may or may not work for you, it may have to modified depending on your cancer or how your body responds. During my research I found many survivors that said any nuts or fats did not work for them and their cancer got worse then they removed them and the cancer regressed, then other people who stated they had 1-2 servings nuts a day with no slowed results. What about meat? – No meat! But where do you get your protein? – From the vegetables, nuts/seeds, beans and legumes, along with tons of fiber and all the nutrition your body needs to heal. Worried about your protein? Let me ask you this… Where do cows get their protein? Where do elephants get their protein? Where do gorillas get their protein? See what I’m getting at here? There is plenty of protein found in those options that you don’t need meat. Most meat is GMO anyways, if the meat isn’t GMO itself it’s being fed with contaminated GMO corn and other GMO feed so then the meat is now contaminated, unless you buy organic meat, but meat in general is harder for your body to digest which takes energy, energy your body needs to heal itself. So if you’re fighting cancer, give up the meat for now. You can always add it back in later if you really feel you have to have it right? I gave up all meats including beef, chicken and pork for several reasons actually. It causes cancer (our bodies have the abilities to turn on/off our cancer genes by what we eat, the more meat we eat the greater the chance of this gene being turned on), but I gave it up more for their welfare. After everything I’ve watched, I’ve seen how they are treated as a ‘common practice’ within these farms and I’m not okay with that at all. Common practice means that as long as most of them are doing it, it’s okay then. If you really care about your health you won’t ignore the videos or information you find out about this topic. I ignored it too for far too long because I loved my meat and cheese, then I was woken up to the reality of things.

I mentioned it earlier but I don’t like vegetables. Yeah I know, I kind of flipped out at first switching to this raw organic life because of my issue with the foods I needed and should be eating. I really worried I would not be getting enough of what I needed.  Because of this I found it easier to use my blender to blend some of the veggies and fruits together, I also juice them which is an amazingly fast way to get nutrients and give your digestion tract a rest. I found juicing and the raw organic lifestyle to be the number 1 most common protocol people followed when healing their cancer and illnesses naturally. So I figured this was a must for me if I wanted to get started on the right path, the path to rid my body of all the years of toxins and cancer. How can you rid your body of toxins if you keep feeding it toxic food? Toxins are in more than just our food but that’s a whole separate can of worms there.

I’m keeping my choices boring and simple for a reason. It’s easier for me, might get alittle boring but I throw some things in the mix to switch it up. I will incorporate more variety and even some cooked plant based foods as I go along in my journey. I’m still fairly new to this and trying to get into a routine to get my rhythm down since this new lifestyle is a complete 360 degree change. A typical day for me consists of 2 or 3 smoothies which contains a veggie/1-2 fruits, chia seeds and ground flax seeds mixed together with distilled water, 2-4 juices (not bottled juices!), snacks of fresh fruits/nuts/veggies as whole foods (not blended or juiced) and usually a salad as well. In a typical smoothie I use baby spinach as my base, then I used fruits such as pineapple, mango, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries, I mixed them up for variety so I had different flavored smoothies each time or the same if it was really good the first time! For juicing I did only 1 kind of juice mostly but sometimes also added in a carrot/apple juice. My everyday juice consisted of kale, cilantro, parsley, ginger root, cucumber, celery, carrots, beet root, apple and a lemon. I’ve grown somewhat fond of this and look forward to it daily now!! I’ve felt amazing since I’ve changed my eating habits. I have a strong faith that this is one of the best keys there are out there for disease. (There are more out there than just food for nutrition, which I will blog about as I go.)

While I was not very specific on what to eat exactly, you can find more information on the Links page, with more exact recommendations. Plus go with what you like, experiment or find some recipes you think you’d like and go from there. I found 1 recipe and modified it to my own and have stuck with that.

I hope this post has at least helped to open your eyes to some of the truth. Truth I did not know before I got cancer or before surgery. Had I known about this route I would have been able to save my uterus and one day have children of my own. God had other plans for me. So I will adopt in my future and give some deserving children a home they deserve! So please please do your research… what can it hurt to know more!! Knowledge is power! Share information you find with anyone you know or that is interested in this approach to a better life. You could actually save a life!

While food is by far the most important thing you can do to fight your cancer, I also did other things along my journey to help rid my body of toxins so my body could heal but this post was just so long I will make a new one with the additional things/supplements I used. Please bear with me, I have SO much information crammed into my head from these last 2 months that it’s hard to get it all out in short posts.

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Thank you for visiting my blog!

♥ Melissa