Hi all! I’m a bit late to post this exciting news on here but better late than never, right?!

A brief run-down, 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Ovarian Cancer, 2 months ago I had a radical hysterectomy and then I decided not to do chemotherapy but to use nutrition and natural approaches instead. I had blood-work done recently in late September 2016 with a new oncologist to see where my CA125 level was at… and as of 9/28 I AM IN REMISSION!! Holy moly God is good! Time to celebrate with cake and ice-cream right?!? HA, absolutely not!! Why on earth would I want to put back the very poisons that helped contribute to my cancer in the first place??? Instead I celebrated with a big 30oz freshly made juice!! (Please see my blog post “Food” to see what I used in my juice!)

The news that I was in remission came as a huge surprise! I was not expecting those words during my visit. I was expecting the worst on my number but hoping for the best, or expecting a slight drop but not remission!

For the CA125 blood panel anything below ‘35’ is considered normal/remission. In May 2016 when I was hospitalized with strep throat my CA125 was around 580. They did not check my CA125 after surgery as they were waiting to check it right before the start of chemotherapy. As some of you know I decided against chemotherapy because I knew in my heart it would not help me or heal me, but would just poison me and make my life miserable. So instead I started my nutrition and lifestyle change around the end of July and unfortunately I did not have my blood-work checked at the start of that so I was a month into my new way of life when I had my blood-work checked on 8/18 but my CA125 was 86.2 then. So I was not able to see where I truly started after my surgery but I’ll take 86.2 over 580 any day!

Around 5 weeks later I decided it was time to check it again and meet with the new oncologist because I ditched my last one. I had no idea what to expect so my mom and I guessed on a number to see who would be closer, she guessed 70 and I guess 50. I’ll be honest; I was scared and anxious to know what the CA125 was after 5 weeks of following my protocol for my cancer since 8/18. The wait for the doctor to come in the room was brutal! This visit had been on my mind all week to know if what I was doing was working and healing my body. My blood pressure and heart-rate were amazing despite this anxiousness! My blood pressure was 112/67 and heart-rate of 57, this was unheard of for me for a doctor’s visit. I’ve always been one of those that my blood pressure and heart-rate raises drastically; they call it white coat syndrome or whatever. Did I mention I used to have really bad anxiety? For no reason sometimes I would just get an anxiety attack and sometimes I had reasons. Since this change in my lifestyle I have not had the anxiety I had before! You would think I would still have the anxiety having cancer and all the other trauma but nope, I’ve been actually very happy and upbeat despite circumstances. I have the nutrition and juicing to thank for that! I have a prescription for my anxiety and have only had to take 1 pill in the last 2 months and that was just to help me sleep!

I’m rambling but anyways.. lol.. So the doctor finally comes in. He said his ‘Hi how are you’s’ to my mom and I and then said “you’re blood-work came back normal, you’re in a normal range.” My heart-rate doubled as soon as he said that. I said “what?, what’s normal range?” I did not tell him I previously had it tested 5 weeks earlier. He assumed I last had it checked in May before surgery. He then told me the normal range number being 35 and he said mine was 12.2! I wanted to shout with excitement right there but I remained cool, calm and collected. He is no doctor I would recommend to anyone as he proceeded to try to scare me into chemotherapy despite now being in remission saying I will die if I do not do chemotherapy and I’m not cured unless I do chemotherapy. After everything I watched and learned over these last 2 months, it’s TEXTBOOK to what these natural survivors said they would say and do to me to try to rush me into chemotherapy because I have a big fat $$$ on my head due to my cancer. I could keep going as to why this upsets and angers me but I would be here awhile. I will keep repeating this phrase on as many of my blogs/posts as I can but do your research! I do not take well to someone trying to murder me or people I know, especially a doctor. I know people will have mixed feelings about my blog or things I say but I’m living proof this route works. There is recorded proof of living survivors with all kinds of cancer, incurable cancers (according to doctors anyways) and yet people still don’t want to believe. I can completely understand though, we’ve been brainwashed for so long it’s hard to grasp the fact that cancer is able to heal/reverse itself by natural means. Heck I’m in remission from it and I’m still in shock that I did it! I’m very very blessed to get this second chance at life and I hope to help anyone I can as much as I can. I don’t have experience in this if you’ve done chemotherapy as I have not, but I’ve found tons of videos and interviews of how people did it. Not going to lie, if you’ve had chemotherapy your journey will be harder to eliminate all extra toxins from the chemo and all those other drugs they give you to cover up all the symptoms of the chemo, BUT it can be done. Check out my Links section of my blog as I have some links with survivors, some who have done chemo, some who done it without! Also look into the suggested videos of other survivors too on YouTube (usually on the right hand side) once you finish watching some of them. I hope to one day get to do an interview with Chris from! He’s been a huge help to me with his many videos and his website/blog.

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Thank you for visiting my blog!

♥ Melissa